Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To move the Gal's

26 Lucky Strollers to fill the Floor!!!
tip top fantastica compilero

01 Larry Williams-Jelly Belly Nellie
02 Robert Gordon-The Way I Walk
03 The Memphis Boys-Forever's Much Too Long
04 The Rumblers-I Don't Need You No More
05 The Coasters-Girls, Girls, Girls
06 Chuck Willis-Hang Up My Rock'n Roll Shoes
07 The Rockin' Saints-Cheat On Me Baby
08 Lou Graham-Wee Willie Brown
09 The Larks-Forget It
10 The Regents-Runaround
11 Mickey Gilley-Drive In Movie
12 Emile Ford-On A Slow Boat To China
14 Larry Williams-Baby's Crazy
15 Gary Shelton-The Trance
16 Bill Allen-Please Give Me Something
17 Benny Joy-Money Money
18 The Cats-I Don't Care No More
19 Richard Berry & The Pharaohs-Have Love Will Travel
20 The Showmen-It Will Stand
21 Danny Zella-Wicked Ruby
22 Herbie Smith-So Wild Over You
23 Dale Hawkins-Little Pig
24 Wiley Barkdull-I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time
25 Billy Riley-Red Hot
26 Joey Rand-The Long, Blonde Curls


Track 13 "The Four Jacks" is missing. But here are the lost track!


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