Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Phantom - Jamie Coe

!The guys who compiled this LP wrongly thought that Nick Todd is the Phantom too!
the phantom - 01 - love me
the phantom - 02 - plaything
the phantom - 03 - too much rosita
the phantom - 04 - tiger
the phantom - 05 - at the hop
the phantom - 06 - your love's got a grip on me
the phantom - 07 - teenage cutie
the phantom - 08 - ever since i met lucy
the phantom - 09 - twice as nice
jamie coe - 1 - story of jesse james
jamie coe - 2- summertime symphony
jamie coe - 3 - i'll go on lovin you
jamie coe - 4 - school day blues
jamie coe - 5 - how low is low
jamie coe - 6 - two dozen and a half
jamie coe - 7 - i'm gettin married
jamie coe - 8 - goodbye my love goodbye
jamie coe - 9 - there's never been a night
jamie coe - 10 - the fool

"LOVE ME" ! INSANE!! A real wild even the wildest one recorded and written by Jerry Lott a.ka. THE PHANTOM in the year of '58 at the Gulf Coast Studio. Written in a ten minute rush by himself and recorded in two takes.
Later Jerry met Pat Boone and both agreed and Jerry signed, to issued the record on Boone's own label " Cooga Mooga". But finally the record released on DOT 16056 in 1960 w/ flip "Whisper Your Love". Not a unusual fact cause Boone recorded for Dot Records.
This his only release comes with a picture sleeve.
And it was the idea of Boone to change his name to "The Phantom".Fortunately it was not Pat Boone who wrote or sung this song..haha!
In a 1980 interview with Derek Glenister, Jerry recalls :"...I didn't yell on the first take, but I yelled on the second, and blew one of the controls off the wall.... I'm telling you, It was wild. The drummer lost one of his sticks, the piano player screamed and knocked his stool over, the guitar player's glasses were hanging sideways over his eyes..."

The second take you will find on this LP-Rip.The first unissued take you can listen & download at the end of this post.Due the raw quality of "Love Me" on this rip you can catch the first take here .
Sadly to say that Jerry Lott sustained severe injuries when his car tumbled down a mountainside near Spartanburg, SC. He never recorded again till his death in September 4th 1983.He was 45 years old.
The guys who compiled this LP wrongly thought that Nick Todd is the Phantom too. But they're wrong.Nick Todd (Nicholas Boone) is the brother of Pat Boone.
But enough Pat Boone now!Go for THE PHANTOM!!
The Phantom "Love Me" Dot 16056 (2nd take)

The Phantom "Love Me" unissued 1st Take

The Phantom "Whisper Your Love" flip of Love me - Dot 16056

Jamie Coe from Detroit Michigan is mostly known for his first cut in 1959 on Addison Records 1500 "Summertime Symphony" w/ "There's Gonna Be A Day" (flip).This 45 is a real good sax rocker.Catch it for less!

Second to mention on this LP is the Addision 15003 release "School Day Blues" in Oct. '59. This little Teenrocker is my favourite by Jamie and generally in this style.No killa guitar break in there but tuneful voice and accurate drumwork. A lesser rare 45. $10 to $20 in VG+ - Mint.The Rest is Teen.If you like it, dig it!

Jamie Coe "School Day Blues" Addison 15003 (45 rip)

Jamie Coe "Summertime Symphony" Addison 15001



Mean Gene said...

Luc said...

Thanks and very interesting comment about Nick Todd.I knew the title 'too much rosita'

Mean Gene said...

Thanks,just remember that Nick Todd is not "The Phantom".
Anyway...have fun to listen!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog surfin' in search of The Phantom's reviews and news.
Love it definitely!
Why no-one that I know don't talk about another great sonmg supposedly released by The Phantom, called "The Last Ride"?

Bye all!


Ian said...

Hi Gene!
You make my day by founding this rock 'n roll pearl of The Phantom! I already had found it on mp3, but the tracks were a little bit corrupted.. so a big thanks! Get a shot of rhythm 'n blues!

PS : If you don't mind, I'm gonna post it on my blog, The Boogie Disease --->

Stay true,

Mitchhz said...

Hi, just followed the link from rockbilly ranch. That School Day Blues song is really great! I didn't know it, thanks !

Mean Gene said...

Mitchhz,brilliant Song!!
If you dig 7inches take a look at ebay.You will find Jamie's Schoolday Blues for a few bugs sometimes quit often!
Sounds nice on original wax!

KL from NYC said...

Came over from I'd always wondered about The Phantom since the first time I saw the picture sleeve. So, thanks for the download and the info.

steve palfrey said...

Hi Gene duruing the mid 80s i was a complete rockabilly nut and became a written friend of Jerry "Marty" Lott The Phantom for three years preceeding his death we wrote to each other and exchanged potos and birthday cards.Got some crackin potos from 1956 and 1960 Maybe ill share em with you or maybe you already have them.steve AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Mean Gene said...

Hi Steve...would be a honor to share them with you.The only photos i have are at my blog. Would be nice if you send me what you got. I'm interested in his live too....