Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kiddy Goodies

Today some wild tracks from the Jr.'s, daddy's little boy, daddys pride and joy still with child's voice .A kid way back but rockin' well! Ok, sometimes a little over-hasty but or not.Wild for sure!
It's time for the "unknowns".All uptempo! All Rockers!
First one is: "The Rel-yea's" from San Antonio, TX a five peace band include Jim Frizzell, Jimmi Bolado, Eddie Guererro and Jimmy Bissett (From LtoR).Aged between 12 - 15 - they rocked this little killer "Country Boy" at the "Ricci Ware Show"and issued 1960 at Wildcat Records W0056. Not to mention that Al Epp & The Pharaos recorded "Breaking my Heart" Wildcat-W0018 a year before.

label shot by St├ęphane Chatain

The Relyea's "Country Boy"

Three years later in 1963 they released "Good, Good Lovin'" at Kaye Records 101

Little Jacky Wayne recorded "White Felt Hat" at the Lexington, Kentucky(later in Nashville) based REM Label in October '60.Written by the Label Owner Bob Mooney the recording was issued under REM 45-306.
Don't know anymore facts about Littlle Jacky so thats it.Listen to his blast or download it!
Little Jacky Wayne "White Felt Hat"

Little Jacky Wayne "White Felt Hat" unissued alternate version

Next in line is Little Joey Farr's "Rock'n'Roll Santa" on the Kangaroo KA112 (Houston,Texas) Label.A wild stormer here with superb guitar work.A later version can be found on Band Box 286.His voice had change a little.All recorded in the year of 1961.
Little Joey Farr " Rock'nRoll Santa" Kangaroo KA112

Little Joey Farr "Rock'n'Roll Santa" Band Box 286 ( Kangaroo)

One of the rarest record in this post along with Little Jacky, and Joey Farr at the top you can spend your money on is the Varsity Label No.83 Release (1965!!) with none other then "The Alabama Kid" shakin' "Rocking Jalopy".But whow the hell is the Alabama Kid?I haven't got a clue! Maybe it's Thomas Andrews who is noted as a writer credit on the label?Perhaps! I heard that there is a picture sleeve come with this record.But never saw it!Haha..that's just not much new to what i have to say about this record.Maybe you can tell me more?
Anyway, this kiddy gem really roll's with his easy going beat!Great guitar break! ..... i gotta meet my Baby at the ball with a hello honey and how are you all.Radiator is leakin', please don't stop! I gotta meet my Baby at the Record Hop!The Alabama Kid - Rocking Jalopy

to be continued...

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm snowed or I'm in Love or what??

One of my all-time favorites in the count of my 500+ List is this NRC mumbler titled "I'm Snowed" by Joe South recorded in the year of '58 at NRC002.

In the Pop Review Section of the The Billboard Magazine issue 1958/March you could read the following :
I'm Snowed - Talented new vocalist gives out with a Jerry Lee Lewis approach on the c&w, blues. This could be attract. (Lowery, BMI)
It's Only You - Rockaballad is rendered with chorus and country string backing. Flip appears to have slight edge. (Wonder, BMI)

Not to mention the fact that Paul Peek, Rod Willis, Dave Duddley and Ric Cartey also recorded some wild tunes there at NRC.

Same song but different title & unissued in the 50s but a coolity too is the Georgia based combo by the name of FRANS & THE NEVER MIND BAND with "I'm In Love"'s real gone, it's real cool, i flip, that's the way i feel..cant help it!LISTEN!

Frans & the Never Mind Band

Joe South "I'm snowed"

Frans & the Never Mind Band "I'm in Love"