Friday, January 30, 2009

Stop The World My Baby Is Gone - Marty Shelton Wilde or what??

No need to jump off!All aboard for a new double whammy!Meaning same song by different artists.Like post from Januar/19 .

Troy Shondell alias Gary Shelton aka Troy Shondell public for his '58 Mercury Release "Kissin' at the Drive-In" cut some nice Rock'n'Roll Stuff as you know.But there's one song to talk about today.I mean the flip of the Mark Label M-143 issue. "Stop The World (My Baby Is Gone)".Issued in 1959/March as Gary Shelton.Desperatly performed in lyrics and style with a cool tempo change. Hold back the sun....uuuuahhhh!

3500 miles away, one Year later -

the young, british rock'n'roll artist Marty Wilde (Reginald Smith!) recorded a superb version of the Garry Shalton Classic now titled "My Baby Is Gone (Stop This World)". Never issued as a 45 in the UK (so as i know) but altough at Epic Records (a subsidiary of CBS) in the US under Epic 5-9400.
This super moody rocker is worth a listen man! A bit faster then Gary's with nice and decent piano. Grab a 45 of this moderate rare Epic release when you gotta opportunity.You won't be disappointed! But first Dude, take a listen!! know what i needa!

Gary Shelton "Stop The World (My Baby is Gone)"

Marty Wilde "My Baby Is Gone (Stop this World)"