Saturday, January 17, 2009

Donnie Dean

Fantastic twin spin with Donnie Dean & the D Notes recorded 1959 at Drift 1451.
Kool "Frankie & Johnny" version type coupled with a desperate-"Ruby Lee"-blastering sax flip!

I thought Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers did a cover of "Ruby Lee" but didn't found anything.Listen!

Ruby Lee

Frankie & Johnny

no photo found.if you have one, PLEASE send me a note !


Tara said...

Hi, this is very cool that you have this information on here. Donnie Dean is my grandfather, and these are hard to find songs from him. I have later music from him with his 2nd group called "Donnie Dean and the Corvets"'s just nice to know that people took interest in my grandfather's passion!

Mean Gene said...

Tara,happy to hear about that.Great songs your grandfather done.Billiant!I hope he is doin well?
Did you have photos from him in his early years with the D-Notes or with the Corvets? That would be great to look at!

Tara said...

I have one picture that my grandmother gave me for a gift that was cropped and framed from one of his album covers...I am sure my aunt has more, we have alot of his flyers and things that were advertised from his tours scattered among the family, I will upload the pic that I have...Unfortunately he passed away in 1999 from cancer, but he was singing until the day he died!!! His voice was amazing! I have some of his music from when he was in the Corvets if you are interested. Two of his main songs were called "Jezebel", and "Some Little Someone"...Let me see what I can do!

Mean Gene said...
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Tara said...
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