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Let's Think About.... BOB LUMAN!

01. I Love You Because
02. Oh Lonesome Me
03. Hey Joe
04. Bad, Bad Day
05. Louisiana Man
06. You Win Again
07. The Great Snowman
08. Go On Home Man
09. The File
10. Jealous Heart
11. I Love You So Much It Hurts
12. Let's Think About Livin'
13. (Empty Walls) A Lonely Room
14. Fire Engine Red
15. Poor Boy Blues
16. It's All Over (But The Shouting)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Felco Records Texas

Jimmy Fields, George McCoy and Joe Bill who run a weekly new talent 45 minutes TV Show named Joe Bill's Country Picnic - broadcasted each sunday at 12:30 p.m. on KRLD-T.V. Dallas.By and by the show gets so popular that Jimmy Fields and Co. decided to launch a record Label.Among two subsidiary labels (Jamaka, Kick) the Felco Record Company was born.
Mentioned in the Billboard Magazine (issue March '59) as a newcomer of the "Record Parade", the Felco Record Company - located in 5513 E. Grand Ave., Dallas 23 - and owned by Jimmy Fields put out some fine, no, excellent rockabilly and rocker discs right at the beginning.Not only that they're rockin' - those Felco records are more and more hard to get and you will pay $$$$ for it.

Fields also own Kick Records
(Billboard June, '58)

In the horror vein Billy Taylor and the Tear Drops brought us at Felco F-101 the "Wombie Zombie".
Reviewed by the Billboard Staff in Feb '59 they rated Taylor's record with only "ONE Star"! It seems they oriented at the verse "...who's this crazy wise guy said rock'n'roll was dead..." or what!?
The solid Beat coupled with cool Doo-Wop grouping and crazy lyrics makes this one worth a listen!

Billy Taylor - "Wombie Zombie" Felco 102 (Feb. '59)

Felco F-102 better known as an example of killer rockabilly type record is Bobby Crown with his legendary Felco record "One Way Ticket".

Bobby Crown and the Kapers (his Dad on the right)

At the age of 12 he started singin' and playin' along with his father Leslie Krajca.With his Dad, Bobby sang Country Music at the Cowtown Hoedown, a weekly live c&w show held at the Majestic Theater in Forth Worth and broadcasted on KCUL.
His father Leslie seemed to be very impressed by the talent of his son cause he brought Bobby to the attention of the Forth Worth music scene.
As The Krajcas they played in bars and clubs.His Dad Leslie played the upright bass and Bobby recalls "...The reason I could do this was because my dad was playing bass fiddle. My dad drank a lot when we were playing the clubs and sometimes I wondered if he was holding the bass up or if it was holding him up"(Shane Hughes)
Around 1955 Jay Cashion and Bob Lumpkins joined and later Bob was replaced by Eddie Conley. In short, the Kapers were founded.Like many others, the cats where infected by Mr. Presley and his wild beat so they booked in the Clifford Herring's Studio in Forth Worth to cut their first rock'n'roll.
The result is this acetate two-sider!
Shake Rattle And Roll (acetate '56)

Fraulein (acetate '56)

At this time, Bobby and his buddys started to act at The Country Picnic.But not in the line-up they giged before.Again a band member left.Now guitarist Jay Cashion left the band due to private reasons and Dale Morgan replaced him.However, the new line up delighted Jimmy Fields (he produced the show) so much, that he was on fire to hold a record session for "Your Conscience" at his Felco label.
A year passed by and no session for "Your Consciense" was done.Instead Jimmy Fields hired the Kapers as session musicians at his studio for more or less talented vocals..During this period as a backing band Bobby co-writed songs with Fields.Such as "Lucky Lucky Me" (Fields skills for writing songs wasn't so much heady).Fields took Bobby to record a demo of this tune. Bobby's and Kapers' talent finally produced a decent recording of "Lucky Lucky Me".
Listen to the first demo recordings of "Lucky Lucky Me" and finally to the master! Do you hear "Butch" Evans wild piano pounding?

Lucky Lucky Me (never released) Demo Version

Lucky Lucky Me (unreleased) Studio Version

To continue the story here is another Demo done by Bobby Brown and the Kapers.
A Chicken Is A Bird co-written by Bobby and Field

By the way Jimmy Fields tempted as a singer on some tunes.Backed by the Kapers.Dig this one!
Birth Of Rock and Roll

onth passed by and at last Fields concern to cut "Your Conscience" as a regular record.Fields liked the demo recording, tough he need another song for the flip side.Bobby suggest his self written, at the age of fourteen - not so long ago, song "One Way Ticket".
Fields agreed, they changed little details in lyrics and settings, to recording both songs.
The result is a masterpiece of prime Texas rockabilly.Go for "One Way Ticket"!!
One Way Ticket Demo Version

One Way Ticket - Felco Records F-102 May-1959

Your Conscience - Felco Records F-102 May-1959

After two mistitled pressings ( first one with Bob Lumpkins as the writer of "One Way Ticket", second press with Bobby Lumpkins as the singer) - the third one was the right one.
(didn't found a label shot of the correct one - leave a comment if you have one, thank you!)

Craaaazy Alligator! "Crazy Alligator" - Irvin Russ does a not bad relaease at Felco F-201 with his tune. Twistin' lyrics, the answer upon Horton's "Battle Of New Orleans" - Now the alligator talks! Co-written by Irvin Russ and Jimmy Fields. Recorded in mid '59 and first mentioned in the Billboard Magazine August 17th '59 at least "two star" rated.Flip "My Imagination" is a ballad.

The F-201 came with a nice picture sleeve.
Even though Dick Glasser recorded at a different label, his cover version of Irvin "Crazy Alligator" sense me even more.(well known for his '56 "Ball Room Baby" as Dick Lory - Dot 15496) He recorded for Dot and Columbia Records.And his Columbia release 4-41472 is more a rocker to me! It's more powerfully then Irvin Russ's Felco.That's besides.
The staff from the BB ranked Irvin Russ record a moderate sales potential - two stars.

Billboard Magazine Aug. 17, 1959

But Dick Glasser's Alligator receiving a good sales potential with three stars.
Billboard Magazine Sept. 7, 1959

Listen to both
Irven Russ - Crazy Alligator - Felco F-201

Irven Russ - My Imagination - Felco F-201 (flip)

Dick Glasser - Crazy Alligator - Columbia Records 4-41472

The Twisters
Another band that recorded for the Felco label are "The Twisters".There is practically nothing i could find about this band.Except the Band members.They are Bobby Boatman, Robert Harwell Jr., Red Brenson, William Mitchell and Jimmie Evans (not the JimmY Evans).
I found another instro combo named The Twisters from the early sixties.This same-named Band recorded for Dual Records "Pepermint Twist".But are they the same one?
And a third one, issued a record on Decca "Peppermint Twist Time"
This is not much, isn't?
But their, i mean the Felco Twisters, sound tells a lot.Real gone wild instro pounders!!Ha!
Here are the Felco rankings done by the Billboarder and there records too:

Billboard May 25, 1959The Twisters - Count Down 1-2-3 Felco F-103

The Twisters - Speed Limit Felco F-103

Billboard, Aug 17, 1959
"....a real wild, down to earth blues instrumental...fine dance side that the kids could take to."...goooooone
The Twisters - Bandstand Rocket Felco F-301

The Twisters - Kat Walk Felco F-301
The Twisters recorded two more instros "Hurricane" and "Just Before Dawn" but never released.And - i dont have it.What a shame!
To close down this spotlight of records from the Felco Record Company - i can't tell you what happend with Jimmy Fields and his label.Perhaps this company didn't survive much longer then any of the hundred other small idependent record labels to.If you have any corrections, informations about Felco Records or tunes, please let me know.
Have Fun!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Antler Records Buck Ram Personality

Antler Records, Inc. New York
Small label founded in 1957 & owned by Buck Ram.
Big in Music Business all his life he arranged Big-Bands, worked as a songwriter, producer and later managed The Platters, brought them to Mercury and composed and arranged their big hits like "Only You"(where Buck played the Piano), "The Great Pretender", "The Magic Touch", and other.He also managed, produced or arranged The Drifters, The Flares, The Cadillacs, Ike and Tina Turner and much more.He always played at the top field.
As i said above Ram started up his own label ANTLER RECORDS where some of us well known fella recorded for.
To highlight is the king of "spontaneous" promo shots himself : Benny Joy !

Benny JoyBenny JoyBenny Joy
Known for his tip-top first class rockers such as the Antler release 45-4011 (1958) "Crash the Party / Little Red Book" or the later? Buck Ram Presents BRP1000-1 issue "Ittie Bittie Everything / Money Money" with "Big" John Taylor played his moody stratocaster.Ram used an ealier Tri-Dec Master and issued the BRP 1000-1 disc.So Ittie Bittie and Money Money is probably recorded before Antler is founded?
I don't know much about Ram's other Label BUCK RAM PRESENTS which possibly run at the same time.He also run one more label called "Personality Records".(please tell me more if you know)
Benny Joy "Crash The Party" Antler 45-4011 (1958)

Benny Joy "Crash The Party" alt. Version (unreleased)

Benny Joy "Little Red Book" Antler 45-4011 (1958)

Benny Joy "Ittie Bittie Everything" Buck Ram Presents BRP1000-1

Big John Taylor / Benny Joy "Money Money" Buck Ram Presents BRP1000-1

Furthermore to spot is The New Blockbusters rocker "Rock & Roll Guitar, Part 1" and "Rock & Roll Guitar, Part 2" on the flipside at the Antler release 45-4001.Side one is a straight rhythm romper.Not the ultra k ool rumblin' like Johnny Knight Morocco release how you might think (cause of same "Rock & Roll Guitar" titel but totaly different tracks) but still moanin' wild vocals & solid guitar to hear.On the Flipside they packed a not bad piano-guitar instro and call it simple the Rock & Roll Guitar,Part2.
Vocal and Drums on the Part1 and Part2 side is Bill Peck. As a session drummer he played for Benny Joy! on Tri-Dec, Andy Starr on, Gene Watson recordings, Mac Curtis, Lew Williams gems for the Imperial Label,Sid King's records, and Werly Fairburn.He's presented on all this fantastic rockabilly recordings.Wow!
Guitar- Paul Buskirk, Piano - Mike Savas.

Now you may say, what the hell he hit-strike-smash or beated on the Antler Part1&2 sides?!? Is it his last empty beer can or a stolen hubecap or what? Peck recalled that the session took place in the Commercial Recording Corp. Studio Dallas.The Studio was an forsaken church with an auditorium below.The record was scheduled without any drum kit.And when Buck Ram went outside to get the right sound he came back with a garbage can lid and thrust into my hand.."You play this...".
So Bill Peck played the "drum"-lid and sang at once.If Bill had played a proper drum that time then "Rock & Roll Guita r"Part1+Part2 would be much more a killer tune i think.
Anyway it is worth a listen of course!
You also watch to "their" performance at the Rock'n'Roll flick "Rock All Night" where "they" perform Part1 and Part2 (Part 2 undercut with acting). Important fact is that the Blockbusters you see perfoming the "Rock & Roll Guitar"Part1+2 is NOT the same you will hear.
Bill Peck and his buddies did the record session for Antler and Buck Ram used the recordings for the performance of the "Blockbusters" in Rock All Night.Bill never saw any of those Blockbusters which appearing in th e movie.
I don't know who the combo is you see acting on stage.Maybe these are the original Blockbusters.Buck Ram used the name Bluckbusters serveral times to different groups he produced.
What's more to say?Bill Peck recorded one more song called "Alligator With Blues Suede Shoes".When you hear it you will agree that this unissued track is recorded probably in the same studio as "Rock & Roll Guitar". Peck or someone else beats the garbage can lid again.

Billboard Mag azine Dec,1956 Review Spotlight

Go for it!!
The New Blockbusters "Rock & Roll Guitar Part 1" Antler 45-4001

The New Blockbusters "Rock & Roll Guitar Part 2" Antler 45-4001

Bill Peck "Alligator With Blue Suede Shoes" unissued - recorded at Buck Ram's Studio?

For a deeper insight about founding Ram's Antler Records you may read this article from the Billboard Magazine 1958,Dezember.
Ram-Merc Team On New Label

HOLLYWOOD—A new label will be launched here in January to be owned jointly by Buck Ram and Mercury Records. It will be independent of the Mercury operation. Mercury, however, will be exclusive distributor for the still unnamed line. Deals were concluded in Las Vegas between Ram and Mercury president Irving Green.
New firm will follow a releasing schedule of four singles per month, will be active in the package field and plans to cover all categories with the exception of classics music.
Label's talent signed to date includes Ann Weldon and Johnny Olson and the Blockbusters. Contracts are written in the name of Antler Records. Ram's earlier disk firm prior to the Mercury deal. New firm's name was to have been Ambassador Records, but this tag had been used earlier by Freddy Martin and can't be cleared. Name and additional artists will be disclosed before the year's end.
Other Ram enterprises include Personality Productions, the management firm; several music publishing firms here and abroad, AMC (ASCAP), Argo (BMI), California, Music of Italy; Buck Ram, Ltd.,London plus firms in South America.

Ram's Antler Label stuck up in the early sixties but he always stayed in music business until his death in Januar, 1st in 1991.
Something for you Mr.Empty Wallet?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ray Smith Sings And Rocks !

I highly recommend for any of you Ray Smith Lovers out there this briliant Long Player.
You will hear rare 12 Recordings did for a local Radio Station 1957(maybe his own radio show "The Ray Smith Show"?) , 4 live cuts by Ray Smith and the Rock'n'Roll Boys done in 1962 at his hometown Paducah,KY, and 3 tracks recorded 1978.
This recordings show again how varying and wide Ray Smith singin' style was.
From howlin' hillbilly cat to rockin'-, right up to tear-jerking tracks you will find on this LP.
And remember, don't blame me for some over-peaked tracks.As the backcover tells "Please mind that these are historic recordings...".I'm clean-handed but i try my best to digitize it.
This is for Fans only!

Sneak in with:
Ray Smith "Jailhouse Rock" Radio Station Recording 1957

Ray Smith "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again" Radio Station Recording 1957

or dig Ray Smith "Just Tell Her Jim Say Hello" live 1962

A01 - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
A02 - Young Love
A03 - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
A04 - How's The World Treating You
A05 - Love Me
A06 - Too Much
A07 - Honky Tonk Man
A08 - Mother You're Just An Angel To Me
A09 - Jailhouse Rock
A10 - Santa Claus Is Back In Town
B01 - Baby I Don't Care
B02 - Just Tell Her Jim Say Hello
B03 + 04 - Sheila + Potrait Of My Love
B05 - How Do You Think I Feel
B06 - I'll Drink It Over
B07 - I'm Human Same As You
B08 - How's His Memory Doing Today
B09 - Great Balls Of Fire

To move the Gal's

26 Lucky Strollers to fill the Floor!!!
tip top fantastica compilero

01 Larry Williams-Jelly Belly Nellie
02 Robert Gordon-The Way I Walk
03 The Memphis Boys-Forever's Much Too Long
04 The Rumblers-I Don't Need You No More
05 The Coasters-Girls, Girls, Girls
06 Chuck Willis-Hang Up My Rock'n Roll Shoes
07 The Rockin' Saints-Cheat On Me Baby
08 Lou Graham-Wee Willie Brown
09 The Larks-Forget It
10 The Regents-Runaround
11 Mickey Gilley-Drive In Movie
12 Emile Ford-On A Slow Boat To China
14 Larry Williams-Baby's Crazy
15 Gary Shelton-The Trance
16 Bill Allen-Please Give Me Something
17 Benny Joy-Money Money
18 The Cats-I Don't Care No More
19 Richard Berry & The Pharaohs-Have Love Will Travel
20 The Showmen-It Will Stand
21 Danny Zella-Wicked Ruby
22 Herbie Smith-So Wild Over You
23 Dale Hawkins-Little Pig
24 Wiley Barkdull-I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time
25 Billy Riley-Red Hot
26 Joey Rand-The Long, Blonde Curls


Track 13 "The Four Jacks" is missing. But here are the lost track!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Phantom - Jamie Coe

!The guys who compiled this LP wrongly thought that Nick Todd is the Phantom too!
the phantom - 01 - love me
the phantom - 02 - plaything
the phantom - 03 - too much rosita
the phantom - 04 - tiger
the phantom - 05 - at the hop
the phantom - 06 - your love's got a grip on me
the phantom - 07 - teenage cutie
the phantom - 08 - ever since i met lucy
the phantom - 09 - twice as nice
jamie coe - 1 - story of jesse james
jamie coe - 2- summertime symphony
jamie coe - 3 - i'll go on lovin you
jamie coe - 4 - school day blues
jamie coe - 5 - how low is low
jamie coe - 6 - two dozen and a half
jamie coe - 7 - i'm gettin married
jamie coe - 8 - goodbye my love goodbye
jamie coe - 9 - there's never been a night
jamie coe - 10 - the fool

"LOVE ME" ! INSANE!! A real wild even the wildest one recorded and written by Jerry Lott a.ka. THE PHANTOM in the year of '58 at the Gulf Coast Studio. Written in a ten minute rush by himself and recorded in two takes.
Later Jerry met Pat Boone and both agreed and Jerry signed, to issued the record on Boone's own label " Cooga Mooga". But finally the record released on DOT 16056 in 1960 w/ flip "Whisper Your Love". Not a unusual fact cause Boone recorded for Dot Records.
This his only release comes with a picture sleeve.
And it was the idea of Boone to change his name to "The Phantom".Fortunately it was not Pat Boone who wrote or sung this song..haha!
In a 1980 interview with Derek Glenister, Jerry recalls :"...I didn't yell on the first take, but I yelled on the second, and blew one of the controls off the wall.... I'm telling you, It was wild. The drummer lost one of his sticks, the piano player screamed and knocked his stool over, the guitar player's glasses were hanging sideways over his eyes..."

The second take you will find on this LP-Rip.The first unissued take you can listen & download at the end of this post.Due the raw quality of "Love Me" on this rip you can catch the first take here .
Sadly to say that Jerry Lott sustained severe injuries when his car tumbled down a mountainside near Spartanburg, SC. He never recorded again till his death in September 4th 1983.He was 45 years old.
The guys who compiled this LP wrongly thought that Nick Todd is the Phantom too. But they're wrong.Nick Todd (Nicholas Boone) is the brother of Pat Boone.
But enough Pat Boone now!Go for THE PHANTOM!!
The Phantom "Love Me" Dot 16056 (2nd take)

The Phantom "Love Me" unissued 1st Take

The Phantom "Whisper Your Love" flip of Love me - Dot 16056

Jamie Coe from Detroit Michigan is mostly known for his first cut in 1959 on Addison Records 1500 "Summertime Symphony" w/ "There's Gonna Be A Day" (flip).This 45 is a real good sax rocker.Catch it for less!

Second to mention on this LP is the Addision 15003 release "School Day Blues" in Oct. '59. This little Teenrocker is my favourite by Jamie and generally in this style.No killa guitar break in there but tuneful voice and accurate drumwork. A lesser rare 45. $10 to $20 in VG+ - Mint.The Rest is Teen.If you like it, dig it!

Jamie Coe "School Day Blues" Addison 15003 (45 rip)

Jamie Coe "Summertime Symphony" Addison 15001


Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Bop That Never Stopped Final Edition Vol.65

Last Vinyl Edition of this phenomenal series! 20 cuts by The Jet-Tones, Gary Shelton, Ronnie Pearson, Donnie Dean, Tommy Todd and mo'!

01 - Thunderbirds - Flying Saucers Rock & Roll
02 - T.K.Hulin - Baby Be My steady
03 - Tommy Tod - Tag Along
04 - Johnny Laury - Lotta Lovin
05 - Donnie Dean - Frankie And Johnnie
06 - Cavaliers - I Wanna Dance
07 - The Broughams - Baby You Just Wait
08 - Gary Shelton - The Trance
09 - Clayton Watson - Everybody's Boppin
10 - The Blue Tempos - Rock & Roll Rhythm
1 - Mackey Beers - Lorie Lee
2 - Don Philips - Milk Shake Mademoiselle
3 - Catalanas - Why Oh why
4 - Johnny & The Joys - Baby Do
5 - Ebe Sneezer - That's All I`ve Got
6 - Johnny Nance - A Bashful Sorta Guy
7 - Ulysess L. Baxter - Mother Congratulate Your Son
8 - Jet Tones - Henry
9 - Ronnie Pearson - Flippin Over You
10 - R. Dean Taylor - At The High School Dance

Sneak in with
Donnie Dean "Frankie And Johnny"

Great one of this Classic Tune! Issued on Drift 1451 in the year of 1959.Check out the flipside of this 45!
See my post "Donnie Dean" to hear the "Ruby Lee" Cut.

Gary Shelton "The Trance"
What a mumbler! Fantastic stroller by Gary Shelton!Issued '58 on the little Regis Label - Chicago - RR 1001.
Look out for post from Januar/30 !

The Jet Tones "Henry"

Best known for their "Jet Tone Boogie" instro on chess label these cats bring you this monster brutal killer stomper "Henry". And hey, they cut this gem twice in different versions!! First one issued on the Cleveland based label named PIX (1102) in Oct. '59 and the 2nd one same year or early 1960 on Plaid (PL-102) Label from Ohio.Both discs with instro "Twangy"!! on the flip.
On this Volume65 you will find the PLAID track only. But here you can get the rare PIX cut, too! That's why you're on Mean Gene's Bull Session, right?!
The Jet Tones "Henry" Plaid PL-102 (on Volume65)

The Jet-Tones "Henry" Pix 1102

Dig the Flipside "Twangy" too! Great Instro!
The Jet Tones "Twangy" Pix & Plaid

The Broughams "Baby You Just Wait"

Short Story:
Those Teens formed a High School Band called "The Broughams" and recorded this little rocker "Baby You Just Wait!" in their High-School Studio. Then they sent some bucks to Pentagon Records for 300 copies to be pressed. Released in '57 on Pentagon 6935.
Plain & Simple, isn't? But the 45 didn't go well. Cause of the bad sound and vinyl quality most copies were thrown away or sold to friends. Only a few survived. That makes the Pentagon 45 a super rare one.
On Bison Bop Volume65 you will find this ultra rare Pentagon release.
But the Story goes on. One year later they convinced the Boston based Label INDIGO to record "Baby You Just Wait" again. They agreed. Indigo owners changed their Band name from "The Broughams" to "The Spirals" and issued the wax in 1958 under Indigo 500! Better sound quality, great drums and good breaks. In short, a koooool rocka! On Gene's you will find this later Indigo Release of course!
Here we go fellas:

The Broughams "Baby You Just Wait" early Pentagon release (Bison Volume65)

The Spirals "Baby You Just Wait" (early the broughams) Indigo issue

The Broughams Photo by Bob Dent


Friday, January 30, 2009

Stop The World My Baby Is Gone - Marty Shelton Wilde or what??

No need to jump off!All aboard for a new double whammy!Meaning same song by different artists.Like post from Januar/19 .

Troy Shondell alias Gary Shelton aka Troy Shondell public for his '58 Mercury Release "Kissin' at the Drive-In" cut some nice Rock'n'Roll Stuff as you know.But there's one song to talk about today.I mean the flip of the Mark Label M-143 issue. "Stop The World (My Baby Is Gone)".Issued in 1959/March as Gary Shelton.Desperatly performed in lyrics and style with a cool tempo change. Hold back the sun....uuuuahhhh!

3500 miles away, one Year later -

the young, british rock'n'roll artist Marty Wilde (Reginald Smith!) recorded a superb version of the Garry Shalton Classic now titled "My Baby Is Gone (Stop This World)". Never issued as a 45 in the UK (so as i know) but altough at Epic Records (a subsidiary of CBS) in the US under Epic 5-9400.
This super moody rocker is worth a listen man! A bit faster then Gary's with nice and decent piano. Grab a 45 of this moderate rare Epic release when you gotta opportunity.You won't be disappointed! But first Dude, take a listen!! know what i needa!

Gary Shelton "Stop The World (My Baby is Gone)"

Marty Wilde "My Baby Is Gone (Stop this World)"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kiddy Goodies

Today some wild tracks from the Jr.'s, daddy's little boy, daddys pride and joy still with child's voice .A kid way back but rockin' well! Ok, sometimes a little over-hasty but or not.Wild for sure!
It's time for the "unknowns".All uptempo! All Rockers!
First one is: "The Rel-yea's" from San Antonio, TX a five peace band include Jim Frizzell, Jimmi Bolado, Eddie Guererro and Jimmy Bissett (From LtoR).Aged between 12 - 15 - they rocked this little killer "Country Boy" at the "Ricci Ware Show"and issued 1960 at Wildcat Records W0056. Not to mention that Al Epp & The Pharaos recorded "Breaking my Heart" Wildcat-W0018 a year before.

label shot by St├ęphane Chatain

The Relyea's "Country Boy"

Three years later in 1963 they released "Good, Good Lovin'" at Kaye Records 101

Little Jacky Wayne recorded "White Felt Hat" at the Lexington, Kentucky(later in Nashville) based REM Label in October '60.Written by the Label Owner Bob Mooney the recording was issued under REM 45-306.
Don't know anymore facts about Littlle Jacky so thats it.Listen to his blast or download it!
Little Jacky Wayne "White Felt Hat"

Little Jacky Wayne "White Felt Hat" unissued alternate version

Next in line is Little Joey Farr's "Rock'n'Roll Santa" on the Kangaroo KA112 (Houston,Texas) Label.A wild stormer here with superb guitar work.A later version can be found on Band Box 286.His voice had change a little.All recorded in the year of 1961.
Little Joey Farr " Rock'nRoll Santa" Kangaroo KA112

Little Joey Farr "Rock'n'Roll Santa" Band Box 286 ( Kangaroo)

One of the rarest record in this post along with Little Jacky, and Joey Farr at the top you can spend your money on is the Varsity Label No.83 Release (1965!!) with none other then "The Alabama Kid" shakin' "Rocking Jalopy".But whow the hell is the Alabama Kid?I haven't got a clue! Maybe it's Thomas Andrews who is noted as a writer credit on the label?Perhaps! I heard that there is a picture sleeve come with this record.But never saw it!Haha..that's just not much new to what i have to say about this record.Maybe you can tell me more?
Anyway, this kiddy gem really roll's with his easy going beat!Great guitar break! ..... i gotta meet my Baby at the ball with a hello honey and how are you all.Radiator is leakin', please don't stop! I gotta meet my Baby at the Record Hop!The Alabama Kid - Rocking Jalopy

to be continued...

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm snowed or I'm in Love or what??

One of my all-time favorites in the count of my 500+ List is this NRC mumbler titled "I'm Snowed" by Joe South recorded in the year of '58 at NRC002.

In the Pop Review Section of the The Billboard Magazine issue 1958/March you could read the following :
I'm Snowed - Talented new vocalist gives out with a Jerry Lee Lewis approach on the c&w, blues. This could be attract. (Lowery, BMI)
It's Only You - Rockaballad is rendered with chorus and country string backing. Flip appears to have slight edge. (Wonder, BMI)

Not to mention the fact that Paul Peek, Rod Willis, Dave Duddley and Ric Cartey also recorded some wild tunes there at NRC.

Same song but different title & unissued in the 50s but a coolity too is the Georgia based combo by the name of FRANS & THE NEVER MIND BAND with "I'm In Love"'s real gone, it's real cool, i flip, that's the way i feel..cant help it!LISTEN!

Frans & the Never Mind Band

Joe South "I'm snowed"

Frans & the Never Mind Band "I'm in Love"